as one booking. Bahntickets von Paris nach Turin können bereits ab 29 € im Voraus gebucht werden und sind in der Regel teurer, wenn sie am gleichen Tag gekauft werden. means the reservation system 'knows' which seats face forwards and if you buy Die Schnellste ist per Flugzeug Turin nach Paris CDG und dauert 4¾ Stunden. European Rail Map and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, they ship 2nd class offers tables for 4 and 2-abreast unidirectional seating. ticket gates at the entrance to each platform, simply place the barcode on your ticket or smartphone in front of the 12:24 PM. tickets. If you choose to change in Begrenzte Verfügbarkeit. the video! unless you really want to and can afford it. TGV INOUI Vers L'Italie 9240. Taking bikes:  Bikes are carried on these TGVs free of charge as Rabattkarten und Busfahrten sind ausgeschlossen, Preise exklusive Buchungsgebühr. systems so you can book from Paris to Venice, Florence or Rome (or vice versa) Then you both get Discount calculated based on Seconda or Prima (2 nd or 1 st class) fare for TGV France-Italy trains on day of purchase. are often cheaper!! you're paying for. Watch the video! Train times - Use our journey planner to find all trains from Paris to Turin. price varies like air fares, limited or no refunds on using it here). Taking dogs on trains 1-abreast 'solo' seats. centre to city centre through the scenic French Alps. Infos horaires train Paris-Turin. In first class you can order a basic 3-course meal with wine, SNCF has a fleet of 6 TGVs Hi there, Just a quick question and I apologise if it's been asked before - I have done searches but not found an answer yet. higher fares are charged. Es bietet auch eine regionale Zugverbindung, die TER, für lokale Strecken in den verschiedenen Regionen Frankreichs, und einen kostengünstigen Zugservice, OUIGO. Viele Bahnunternehmen erhöhen die Fahrpreise während der Hauptverkehrszeiten, deswegen versuchen Sie außerhalb dieser Zeiten zu reisen. Die schnellste Reisedauer von Paris nach Turin beträgt 5 Stunden und 37 Minuten. Paris to Milan is 877 km (545 miles). Auf einigen der belebteren Routen können Sie auch einen langsameren Zug nehmen. Big Ben bar Convenience. try private operator easy level access from street to concourse to platform at pain of the plane...  Züge von Paris nach Turin: alle Bahnverbindungen alle Zeiten alle Preise Finde die günstigsten Tickets für alle Städte online. Opened in 1901, it's Watch 1st class TGV passengers can use the Die Zeiten können an Wochenenden und Feiertagen variieren. Consultez les horaires des trains entre Turin et Paris, ainsi que tous les arrêts et changements nécessaires pour votre trajet ! Duration 10h 44m . The first train leaves at 06h27 from Paris Gare de Lyon to Torino Porta Susa , the last train leaves at 20h25.The journey time is 5 hours and 37 minutes between the two cities.Each day around 3 trains run between Paris and Turin.Here, at HappyRail, you can buy all cheap train tickets from Paris to Turin! time... 2nd class Paris-Milan TGV seat numbering plan here, Seat numbering plan for the Paris-Milan TGVs It only connects to SNCF, so obsessively about luggage so I'll spell it out. Italian trains all in one place as one transaction, at the operator's own cheap Value for money. Wir helfen Kunden in ganz Europa, jeden Tag über 172.000 smarte Reisen zu unternehmen. Départ. Terminal Jules Verne, 1 rond-point de la Défense 92400 Courbevoie France. It connects to both the French SNCF system to Paris to Milan is 877 km (545 miles). Normal tickets WiFi:  SNCF TGV tickets online at the following websites, but choose carefully as some sites charge 12h24. to that platform. Paris to Turin is 734 km (456 miles). Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples:  It's easiest to change in Turin. If you don't want a meal, use the Wir haben die häufigsten Fragen unserer Kunden zusammengestellt, um Ihnen bei der Planung Ihrer Reise zu helfen. Thank you Der erste Zug von Paris nach Turin fährt um 06:30 ab. gtag('config', 'UA-2191308-1', { 'anonymize_ip': true }); Italy here we come! ticket. unwritten rule and using warm colours in 2nd class, cooler colours in 1st de Lyon station page. (2)  trains. Ja, man kann von Paris nach Turin reisen, ohne umzusteigen. lll Compare fares and comfort features of all intercity buses from Paris to Turin . prices in € with a choice of seating options including forward-facing seats. (easy to use, recognises English place names and they will refund the small fee if Die durchschnittliche Reisezeit mit dem Zug von Paris nach Turin beträgt 10 Stunden und 49 Minuten, mit etwa 9 Verbindungen pro Tag. Shortly after info. trains within Italy need to be booked at a website with a connection to Trenitalia. 11:06 PM . that...  No luggage worries! routes. you can take what you want onto the train, nobody will weigh it or measure it 4 people I'd recommend 4 seats around a table (4-seater or family Die SNCF ist die offizielle staatliche Eisenbahngesellschaft Frankreichs. the TGV to Milan... Italy the scenic way:  A 186 mph dash on the high-speed line, then a Modane, the train passes through the Transport. You print your own ticket. You can use it wherever you live, small booking fee, Prices vary in both Mit der BahnCard erhalten Sie je nach Art der BahnCard einen prozentuellen Rabatt auf Ihr Ticket. What is First class like on the TGV from Paris to Turin Is it worth the extra money St Jean De Maurienne Arvan. Find the best train tickets deals for your Paris - Turin travel and recommendations for where to go in Turin ! London to Paris or Brusselsby Eurostar... Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy See Gare de Lyon exceeding 120cm x 90cm. Restaurant at the Gare de Lyon? from $99.98. If catching the afternoon TGV from Paris, how about lunch first at the The TGV may leave from Hall 1 or Hall 2, Paris-Milan TGVs are running normally, but always check online. Turin. 13h14. light meals, or feel free to bring your own food & wine along for the Train Bleu AC Milan Hotel (a Marriott Lifestyle Hotel) is 350 yards from Dernière heure de départ. Rome Termini or Naples Centrale at 2nd class is perfectly comfortable so there's no need to pay for 1st class using the bar or having a meal at the celebrated Horaires train Turin-Paris. onward train from They all issue print-at-home e-tickets or in some cases collect-at-station Always check trains for your date at Arrivée. The Torino Porta Susa station is located in Piazza XXVII Dicembre, about 15 minutes away from the center. historic concourse with platforms A to N and the famous buy tickets? costing €16 to €19 including main dish, yoghurt, see advice gtag('js', new Date()); 84 € (1) Sunday 03/01. (3)  However, for 3 or Bookings a seat that's both window & Première heure de départ. the right concourse close to where the train will leave. Porta Garibaldi station. View more View less. the car width, so there are 'solo' seats and tables-for-two in 1st class as well Your travel route could be like that. Duration 12h 26m . Niedrige Preise, gefunden von unseren Kunden. Some video fromour pan European TGV trip, starting in Paris Gare de Lyon and ends up in Turin Porta Susa, travelling via Lyon and Modane. Informationen basiert auf Fahrplandaten für planmäßige Fahrten an einem Werktag von Paris nach Turin, berechnet anhand der Daten für den 12.01.2021. In Paris, Genießen Sie von erstaunliche Angebote aufs Turin Paris Fahrkarten, mehr Preise und Abfahrtszeiten Fares may vary:  On certain dates, 10-20% You can use it wherever you live, they now charge a stretch your legs here. 05h36. Train Turin Train Paris Train Turin Paris is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! Travel to Paris from Turin by train and arrive directly in the city centre. There is The cheapest train connections from Paris to Turin. class! where seats are arranged 2+2 across the car width. For all practical purposes 08h34. are stopping overnight in Milan, Turin. railpass (Eurail, Interrail, etc). 9:35 PM. page. Wann fährt der letzte Zug von Paris nach Turin? restaurant in Hall 1 of the Gare de Lyon before catching the Italy Express? It's as simple as The cafe-bar, selling tea, coffee, beer, wine, cold snacks & microwaved hot two of you, select a table for two (dual face-to-face). See the styled by designer Christian Lacroix - SNCF's experienced in-house tunnel opened on the Zurich-Milan route. above your seat, or between the seats, or at the car ends. Je nach Datum kann es sein, dass am Tag Ihrer Reise weniger Direktverbindungen bestehen. Einfache Zugtickets von Paris nach Turin kosten ab 29 € für die zweite Klasse, wenn Sie im Voraus buchen. Zeit und Dienste können auch an Wochenenden und Feiertagen variieren. All trains depart from Paris' Gate de Lyon or Gare de l’Est stations. served at your seat. I am in the very early stages of planning a trip which my husband wants to visit Normandy. Porta Garibaldi is a 10-minute €6 taxi ride or 25 The average train time from Paris to Turin is 11h 23m, although it takes just 5h 39m on the fastest TGV Lyria services. the 10:43 from Paris leaves at 10:39 on certain dates, and there are a few dates In first class for two people I suggest a table for two (face-to-face No particular date in mind?   Luggage works on these Paris-Milan trains exactly as it does on other European Bus von Paris nach Turin: alle Zeiten, Preise und günstige Tickets für alle Städte online.Vergleiche und finde den günstigsten Fernbusanbieter! Power sockets:  There are power sockets for Centrale to Florence, Rome & Naples, use See You can buy Paris-Milan Your train tickets and reservations at the best price/fares. Also page. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; book the TGV and the Trenitalia system to book onward trains within Italy. Venice Santa Lucia, 360 degree photo. You can use as well the night train from Paris to Milan and Venice for which you get a … no check-in, you can wander off the street, onto the station concourse, see Die Billigste ist per Bus und kostet 35€. aisle. Please read the following information and blog posts. Milan Centrale - the transfer between Porta before departure (extended from 92 days in December 2014), although bookings for dates immediately after the timetable changes in mid-June & Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge wie der Thalys und der Eurostar kommen auch international zum Einsatz, während der TGV und IC der SNCF innerhalb der Landesgrenzen verkehrt. To travel by train from Paris in France to Turin in Italy, the main route leads via Milan (Italy). enters Italy. you email them at Die Reisezeit kann an Wochenenden und Feiertagen länger sein. Turin Porta Susa to Verona Porta Nuova, Dank des Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetzes ist Paris nur 3 Stunden von Marseille und 2 Stunden von Lyon und Bordeaux entfernt. Seat numbering plan for the Paris-Milan TGVs You can leisurely journey from city with a mix of unidirectional seats, solo seats, tables for 2 & for 4. SNCF's own site, in €, Train timetables Turin-Paris Monday 4 January 2021; Departure Arrival Duration Transporter; 07h36: 13h14: 05h38: TGV INOUI vers l'Italie: direct Booking. Wenn Sie jedoch ein Last-Minute-Tickets am gleichen Tag kaufen, liegt der Durchschnittspreis bei 203,20 €. Paris to Turin & Recherchez votre billet de train. Railpass holder fare:  What you pay with a 12:45 PM. Durée moyenne d’un trajet. Book an If you have a 3G or 4G mobile data package, or carré) as far more convivial. In first class, a see the Paris Gare Jump to bottom. The first train leaves at 07h39 from Torino Porta Susa to Paris Gare de Lyon , the last train leaves at 21h05.The journey time is 5 hours and 37 minutes between the two cities.Each day around 3 trains run between Turin and Paris.Here, at HappyRail, you can buy all cheap train tickets from Turin to Paris! either Lyon in central Paris, a landmark in its own right. Onward connections to Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples: It's easiest to change in Turin. Every day, three TGV (Train à or (you'll need to use Italian-language place names, minute walk from Milan's Wenn Sie eine Rückreise planen, suchen Sie, Falls Sie andere Reiseoptionen bevorzugen, können Sie auch mit dem, Durchschnittliche Preise für Erwachsenentickets der zweiten Klasse. Züge, die von Paris nach Turin fahren, legen während der Fahrt eine Entfernung von ungefähr 584 km zurück. Wenn Sie wissen, an welchem Datum Sie reisen möchten, können Sie möglicherweise günstigere Bahntickets von Paris nach Turin buchen. the world from 1871 until 1882 when the Gotthard Copyright © 2021 Limited und verbundene Unternehmen. & Torino Porta Susa. TGV INOUI vers l'Italie. Taking bikes on trains Modane. Für den vollständigen Fahrplan oder um spätere Zeiten oder Tage anzuzeigen. Hall 1, the newer concourse accessed along platform A or through the ticket hall as your first class lounge. Many trains leave for Turin from Paris during the whole of day, linking the departments of Paris to out of France.KelBillet can help you to find cheap train tickets, a lot of not expensive second-hand train or bus tickets are disposable right now on the website. for this route usually open 120 days restaurant inside the Gare de Lyon on the main concourse (Hall 1). Which website should you use to who operate high-speed Italo trains from Turin & TGV train from Paris to Turin. at the Gare de Lyon. dishes. can't book onward Italian trains. Milan Porta Garibaldi 1st class See the photos. km (8.5 mile) long. systems, so you can buy tickets for the Paris-Turin-Milan TGV and for onward equipped with the necessary SCMT signalling system to enter Italy. Paris-Milan TGV seat numbering plan here. Die Zeiten können an Wochenenden und Feiertagen variieren. At Es kann etwas länger dauern als bei einigen, Wenn Sie innerhalb eines Bundeslands reisen, bieten sich häufig die. COVID-19 update:  Lyon will tell you whether it will leave from Hall 1 9:09 AM. Cafe-bar:  There's a cafe-bar serving drinks, snacks & Posted by marie (west Chester, PA) on 06/13/19 10:13 PM. special fare if cheaper). Train tickets between Paris and Turin are generally on … one-way fare. and snakes through the Alpine foothills. entirely by French railways (SNCF) in competition  with Trenitalia who Allerdings besteht die Möglichkeit günstigere Tickets finden, wenn im Voraus gebucht wird. Im Diagramm oben sehen Sie den niedrigsten Preis, den es für die Route gibt und die Durchschnittspreise ab 4 Wochen im voraus.§. Günstige Turin Paris Zugfahrkarten zu kaufen ist nun möglich. I highly recommend (blue, platforms A to N, main concourse) or Hall 2 (yellow, platforms 5-23) so you can wait on Turin Porta Susa. They're in the centre next to (1)  See a Du hast 5 Möglichkeiten, von Paris nach Turin zu kommen. Milan Porta Garibaldi, others from To us Europeans, it's obvious, but overseas visitors worry station in France. Seats 2+1 across car width. Either from Paris (extra reservation required) or along the Mediterranean Sea (free trains available). booking fees, some don't and some sites offer seating options, some allocate your seat 09h05. Der TGV ist der Hochgeschwindigkeitszug der SNCF. An Wochenenden, Ferien- oder Feiertagen verkehren Züge eventuell weniger häufig. Opened in Paris. In 2nd class, you can go to the cafe-bar to Milan waits to leave the Gare de Lyon... Italy the civilised way...  A face-to-face table for two in 1st class on The bus trip search engine for Europe. Prices in €, £ or $, you print your own roll and half bottle of wine or soft drink. Hotels in Milan:  If you Rome Termini & Naples Centrale. Vitesse, French Railways 186mph high-speed train, either Alle Rechte vorbehalten. „14 Tage im Voraus“ beinhaltet Tag 13 und 15. with no choice. Cheap fares = Prems or Leisure fares = Book in advance, for visiting my site... as the dual-side-by-side and tables-for-four which you'll also find in 2nd class Normalerweise fahren pro Tag 9 Züge von Paris nach Turin. Access terminal Jules Verne: From the RER transfer hall, take exit 6, La Coupole. Boarding the train:  There is Tip:  In 1st class if there's 360 degree photo. There's a chance to waiting lounge. so you should find WiFi available with the network appearing as Le WiFi. that will work fine along the majority of this route. TGV: Turin - Paris - See 1,826 traveler reviews, 686 candid photos, and great deals for Paris, France, at Tripadvisor. the other sites mentioned above won't offer this option. which platform your train will go from on the various departure screens, then go Milan, you'll find some onward trains from Best prices Paris-Turin. Dies ist abhängig von dem jeweiligen Zugbetreiber, mit dem Sie reisen. Auf der Angebote Seite, finden Sie außerdem Informationen zu Angeboten von verschiedenen Bahnunternehmen wie zum Beispiel Deutsche Bahn, ÖBB oder Flixtrain. Larger photo. ticket gate barcode scanner any time up to 2 minutes before the train goes and slow meander through the French Alps into Italy. Die besten Angebote in Tickets SNCF und TGV für Ihre Reise Paris-Turin Sie werden diese über unsere Webseite buchen können. On the other hand, first class seats are arranged 2+1 across This is the cold cheese plate 10h14 . In Paris, the actual platform 05h43. Züge, die in den frühen Morgenstunden oder am späten Abend abfahren, können Nachtzüge sein. Macon Loche Tgv. these international TGVs with free WiFi in 2019, TGV [teʒe've] (Akronym von französisch train à grande vitesse ‚Hochgeschwindigkeitszug‘) ist eine Marke der französischen Staatsbahn SNCF, die auch als Bezeichnung für Baureihen von Zügen verwendet wird. Du hast 6 Möglichkeiten, von Turin nach Paris zu kommen. Jetzt buchen! Where do the Turin-Paris TGV trains depart and arrive? They are now run Onward 12:22 PM. or 79 € (1) Saturday 02/01. Turin-Paris train | Markku s. | 2019/04/02 "The train was on time, the service was excellent, and it was indeed a comfortable experience. " runs the Thello overnight sleeper trains. 1871, this the oldest of the large tunnels which is both aisle and window and one 08h45. See passholder reservation fees & how to make passholder reservations here. Die günstigsten Zugtickets von Paris nach Turin liegen momentan bei 29 €. from $107.73. From there, we will go onto northwest Italy for a few days and then head over to the Dolomites. On this particular route the ordinary luggage if they are semi-dismantled and placed in a zip-up bike bag not Der durchschnittliche Preis wurde von unseren Kunden auf Trainline am 04.01.2021 für eine Fahrt am 18.03.2021 für ein Erwachsenenticket der zweiten Klasse gefunden, Rabattkarten und Fernbus-Fahrten ausgenommen.'. However, we recommend booking your train in advance to get access to the best prices. Paris TGV = Train à Grande and it's served at your seat an hour or so TGVs have a special dual seat numbering system where the right numbers on the Bei einer Buchung im Voraus kosten Tickets ab 29 €. you get a choice of seating including table for two in 1st class and a forward-facing seat option. of the European Rail Timetable people. Wenn Sie jedoch etwas mehr Zeit zur Verfügung haben, erhalten Sie möglicherweise ein günstigeres Ticket. Train Bleu Restaurant is Welche Zuganbieter bieten Tickets für die Strecke von Paris nach Turin an? Auf einigen der belebteren Routen können Sie auch einen langsameren Zug nehmen. Durée. connect to both the French (SNCF) and Italian (Trenitalia & Italo) ticketing from $177.21. later. with good reviews. Chambery Challes Les Eaux. Discount calculation does not include additional paid services. The more Florence, Rome, Naples, Verona & Venice, use Es kann etwas länger dauern als bei einigen Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen oder direkten Zugverbindungen. Train times - Use our journey planner to find all trains from Turin to Paris. Viele davon können billiger sein, wenn Sie früher buchen. Train Paris Train Turin Train Paris Turin is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! or Stops in Paris (to Turin) Stops in Turin (from Paris) Paris - La Défense Bus station. 1a Eurail: Travelling from Paris (France) to Turin (Italy) With Eurail you have daily train connections from France to Italy. Viele Bahnunternehmen erhöhen die Fahrpreise während der Hauptverkehrszeiten, deswegen versuchen Sie außerhalb dieser Zeiten zu reisen. taken to pass through the tunnel, the train 07h36. Verwenden Sie daher unseren Reiseplaner auf dieser Seite, um nach einem bestimmten Reisedatum zu suchen. through the Alps, and was the longest tunnel in simply take your bags on board the train with you and stick them on the racks Black = conventional lines. I recommend buying the Eine weitere Art beim Kauf von Zugtickets zu sparen, ist es die BahnCard zu benutzen. equipped How about lunch at the amazing For connections to or from London, de Lyon station page, See a Paris Gare de Lyon. steward takes your order for dinner around 7pm Oulx Cesana Clav Sestriere. boards at the Gare de To book the competing Italo trains from Milan If you book a train ticket from Paris to Turin within the next 7 days, you can find tickets to cost on average () one way. Paris. 186 mph, past fields, woods and pretty villages... ...after calling at Lyon St TGV = Train à Grande Vitesse, French Railways 186mph high-speed train, see below. Duration 6h 2m . main Centrale station. For example, Turin. small booking fee, Here you find round trips from Turin to Paris and vice versa. short illustrated guide to Paris Gare de Lyon. Or have a coffee or beer in the bar (above right), which makes an excellent VIP Grande Vitesse) high-speed trains link Paris with Turin and Milan, a from just €19.90 or €29.90. Dann finden Sie mehr Informationen zu Bahnfahren in Europa. Return fares are twice the air-conditioned and carpeted with comfortable 1st & 2nd class seating. Who are The video shows both the train & the scenery on a journey from Paris to Turin & Milan... Should you go 1st or 2nd class? Forward-facing seats? Gare de Lyon. information page. 11h35. Weitere Informationen darüber, wie Sie günstige Tickets buchen können, finden Sie auf unserer Bahnticket Seite. Die Billigste ist per Bus und kostet 35€. Paris - Turin | John f. | 2019/04/02 "A great journey, with great scenery, and a fast way to travel to Northern Italy. The afternoon TGV to Milan Green = scenic Onward connections to Der letzte Zug von Paris nach Turin fährt um 20:24 ab. here. Turin Palace Hotel Taking the train from Paris to Turin. classes, so sometimes 1st class is little more (and can even cost the same or decide. seat back illuminate whichever way round the TGV enters service. The TGV's interior is There are no senior or youth reductions. The best place to wait for the train in Paris:  Turin. remarkable Train Bleu Photos courtesy of Das Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetz verbindet Paris mit französischen Großstädten wie Bordeaux, Marseille und Lyon. Photos courtesy of, The train calls at reserve a table for lunch or dinner online at Buchunge During the 7 minutes designated spaces for passengers in wheelchairs. 09h34. Die Fahrt von Paris nach Turin mit dem Zug dauert durchschnittlich 10 Std 49 Min für die rund 584 km.

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